International Tae Kwon Do Academy
Requirements for Blue Belts

Recommended warm-up:

18 push-ups
40 sit-ups
butterfly stretch 4 times
straddle stretch 4 times each side and to the center
standing leg stretch 4 times

Hand Techniques:

1. back stance knife hand double high block
2. front stance single middle forearm block
3. front stance forearm double high block
4. front stance knife hand circle block
5. front stance reverse elbow strike

Kicking Techniques:

1. jumping inside heel kick
2. jumping outside heel kick
3. spinning hook kick

Combination Techniques:

1. front stance single middle forearm block, front kick, jumping inside heel kick
2. inside forearm block, reverse punch, front kick, jumping outside ax kick
3. step back inside forearm block, spinning hook kick, reverse punch

Pattern #5:

1. Step forward with left foot back stance knife hand circle block
2. Reverse knife hand circle block
3. Jumpping cross stance, left back fist punch.
4. Pivot 180 right, knifehand double high block.
5. Step forward, front stance left high palm strike.
6. Right leg front kick.
7. Right leg jumpping front kick.
8. Pivot 180 left back stance forearm double middle block.
9. Left leg jumpping side kick.
10. Front stance right reverse elbow strike.

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