International Tae Kwon Do Academy
Requirements for Green Belts

Recommended warm-up:

16 push-ups
35 sit-ups
butterfly stretch 4 times
straddle stretch 4 times each side and to the center
standing leg stretch 4 times

Hand Techniques:

1. front stance reverse punch
2. front stance reverse forearm circle block
3. back stance high reverse knife hand strike
4. back stance forearm double middle block
5. riding stance side punch

Kicking Techniques:

1. jumping round kick
2. jumping side kick
3. hook kick

Combination Techniques:

1. reverse forearm circle block, front kick, reverse punch
2. step back, forearm double middle block, reverse punch, side kick, jumping side kick
3. step back, knife-hand double middle block, jumping round kick, hook kick, riding stance side punch

Self-Defense Techniques:

1. escape from a front shoulder grab
2. escape from a rear shoulder grab
3. forward safety roll


#4 Won Hyo

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