International Tae Kwon Do Academy
Record of Practice for stripped belts

1. Do the recommended warm-up.
2. Do each hand technique 4 times. (2 with each arm)
3. Do each kicking technique 4 times. (2 with each leg)
4. Practice each combination techniques 2 times. (1 left, 1 right)
5. Practice the form 2 times.
6. Practice each lower belt combination technique 2 times. (1 left, 1 right)
7. Practice each lower belt form twice.

Begin recording the date of your practice sessions and classes after you receive your new belt. After you have gone through this practice session 30 times, sign it and submit it to your instructor. He will check your progress and possibly give you a date for your belt promotion.

Student's Name:___________________________ Current Belt:________________________

Use this space to record the classes which you attend, and your practice sessions. (You may record a maximum of 2 per day.).







Student's signature:________________________
I have completed a combination of 30 classes and practice sessions.

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