International Tae Kwon Do Academy
Requirements for White Belts

Recommended warm-up:

10 push-ups
20 sit-ups
butterfly stretch 4 times
straddle stretch 4 times each side and to the center
standing leg stretch 4 times

Basic Hand Techniques:

1. front stance middle punch
2. front stance high block
3. front stance low block
4. back stance middle forearm block

Basic Kicking Techniques:

1. front kick
2. round kick
3. inside heel kick

Combination Techniques:

1. low block, reverse punch, front kick, front kick
2. inside forearm block, reverse punch, front kick, inside heel kick
3. outside forearm block, reverse punch, front kick, round kick

Self-Defense Techniques:

1. escape from a straight wrist grab
2. escape from a cross wrist grab


#1 Chon Ji

Chon Gi
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