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Tae Kwon Do
by Master Instructor, Brian Malik

In Korean it is written:

In English, it is commonly written:
Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do or Taekwon-do
Regardless of how it is spelled, it is the world's most widely practice martial art.
an Olympic sport, an artistic discipline, a system of self-defense, and a way of life.

An Olympic Sport
Taekwondo is an Olympic sport. It was introduced to the Olympics in Korea in 1988. Unlike many of the other sports that young people are involved with today, competitors are required by rule to demonstrate respect for officials coaches and their fellow competitors.

An Artistic Discipline
Tae Kwon Do is an artistic discipline. It's a performing art. Taekwondo techniques are done with graceful and powerful movements. Like other performing arts, students continuously strive to improve the artistic presentation of each technique. Practicing martial art skills develops, strength, flexibility, posture, coordination, and attention to detail. Unlike most other performing arts, the skills can be applied to real world situations and potentially save someone from serious bodily harm!  We believe that everyone can benefit from exposure to this artistic discipline.

Self-Defense Training
Self-defense skills are safety skills. We believe that it's important for everyone to learn these self-defense skills. When a person learns and develops self-defense skills, the chance of sustaining an injury due to a fall or an attack is greatly reduced; and the chance of escaping from a mugging, or an abduction attempt is greatly increased! Learning these safety skills does not promote violence; rather, it enables one to avoid becoming a victim of violence and to minimize injury during a fall.

A way of life.
Students are encouraged to live according to the tenants of TaeKwon-Do.

The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

Courtesy: To be thoughtful and considerate of others. Students and instructors should be polite, and show consideration for others.

Integrity: To be honest and good. Practitioners should live by a code of moral values and principles

Perseverance: To never give up in the pursuit of one's goals. Students should welcome challenges, because challenges cause us to grow and improve.

Self-Control: To have control of your body and mind. Practitioners should intend to control actions and reactions in all situations.

Indomitable Spirit: To have courage in the face of adversity. Practitioners should never be dominated by, or have his spirit broken by another.

Tae Kwon Do Philosophy
Interpreted and translated by Master Brian Malik.
"Through Tae Kwon Do training, practitioners should develop many physical attributes including flexibility, strength, speed, balance and coordination. Also through training, practitioners should improve their character, attitude and manners. Practitioners should also develop integrity and self-discipline, and should become considerate, helpful and respectful people, therefore should become assets to their communities and should help to develop a more peaceful world."

Tae Kwon Do is excellent exercise.
When exercise is done consistently, invaluable physical and mental improvements occur. Students develop real and lasting self-confidence. Taekwondo students do exercises which develop strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance, memory, concentration, coordination and self-control; to name a few. One of the keys to the success of Taekwondo is that the exercises are fun, the students see results, and they are inspired to do more.

Training Develops Self-Confidence
Success in a personal development program, such as a Taekwondo class, where the students experience noticeable increases in strength, flexibility, memory, coordination, and self-defense skills, as the result of a dedicated effort, is an excellent foundation for self-confidence. It is self-confidence based on physical and mental self-improvement, as opposed to self-confidence based on one's athletic performance. This self-confidence is deep; it is not subject to the results of tomorrow's game. It is not reserved for the best players on the team; it is available to everyone, because everyone experiences improvement through training.

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